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Hand weaving studio "Vera"

 Already, for  a full four years, persistently and successfully, Studio “Vera” is keeping away from the oblivion the old craft of unique fabric weaving, which is a combination  of traditional and modern, old and new, past and future time.
Great work experience has resulted in a wide assortment of products:

Items for the house- blankets, furniture covers, tableclothes, curtains, baskets-holders for  a newspapers.
Souvenirs with motifs from the rich heritage of our town, as well as fabric covers for bottles, wallets, eyeglasses cases, belts, shawl, hats, overcoats, vests, sweaters, dresses, skirts, bags;

We are especially proud of the development of unique materials weaved of first class materials, product range in the rich colors and patterns of all thicknesses. The materials are intended for the production of  costumes, coats with support ornamental bands, which are also handmade;

Studio also deals with creating traditional weaving looms and other equipment for the weaving. We also implement training programs in the weaving with the goal of self-employment, and as a successful example of this programs are women who finished our training and today they are working in a hanmade products section of Association  "Soko"   in Dobrun monastery.




Vera Đurić

+ 387 58 620 520

+ 387 65 323 958

Tkački studio Vera


Wool felting

Felting is one of the old crafts that are not originally from our region, but comes from Tibet, and this is one of the first recorded ways of  applying wool in the world, before people started to spin wool and to use it in that way. All products are handmade  with wool, water and soap, which is washed up at the end, because we use soap only to shape the  wool and to make it compact. All products are unique and handmade and it is possible to make almost all you can imagine without any mechanical processing.

 All products are long-lasting because the more you use it they become stronger and stronger. Products can be made in all colors, thickness, shapes, sizes and much more because there is a large range of possibilities of shaping and painting.  For now, we offer the hats, house slippers, a variety of woman's Bags etc ...


Milenko Govedarica Micha
phone+ 387 58 621 200
mobile + 387 65 02 01 04
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