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X competition Jumps from the Visegrad bridge wil be held tomorrow

On July 9 .( Saturday), 10th in a row event Jumps from Visegrad bridge will be held

Book fair in Andrictown

Book fair in Andrictown starting today, opening ceremony on June 27th 2016.

Visegrad awarded as a Champion of cultural tourism of SE Europe and the Mediterranean

Visegrad was given a prestigious award, "Champion of cultural tourism in South East Europe and the Mediterranean" for 2015.

IX high diving competition Jumps from the Mehmet pasa Sokolovic Bridge 2015. postponed for August

This event will be held in August

X Visegrad regatta

Regatta will be held on July 4th 201, starting from the Mehmed pasa bridge

Golden Hands of Drina region 2015.

IV regional event dedicated to traditional food, drinks and handicrafts, June 13th, 11h, main street

12. Visegrad International folklore festival

May 30th at 18.00 in Visegrad sports hall.

Jumps from Mehmed pasa Sokolovic bridge 2014. PHOTO

VIII Jumps from the Drina bridge are held on Saturday, August 23. 2014.

Andrictown opening day PHOTO

Andrictown complex in Visegrad is officially opened on June 28th 2014.

Andrictown opening ceremony od June 28th 2014.

Opening ceremony and memorial programme- 100 years since WW I started

11th International folklore festival Visegrad 2014.

Folklore festival held on 21.6.2014-PHOTOS

XI International Folklore Festival

In Visegrad on Јune 21st and 22nd  2014. visitors can attend to a traditional dances folklore festival

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