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Hotel Vilina vlas



Hotel Višegrad
Capacity 134 beds
Location 5 km from Visegrad
Adress Visegradska Banja bb
Phone +387 (0) 58 620 311
Fax +387 (0) 58 620 311

Hotel Vilina Vlas is situated in Višegradska banja (Višegrad Spa) five kilometres from Višegrad. It was named after a type of endemic fern "vilina vlas " that grows on the mineral springs of the Visegrad spa. Hotel operates as a rehabilitation centre. It has a medical and a hotel part. Medical part of the hotel uses thermal water of 34 º C for treatments. Its healing power comes from radon and its decaying products.

Water is used for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, neurological conditions, orthopedic, gynecological, geriatric and respiratory diseases. The medical part offers electroteraphy, sonoterapy, magnetoterapy, thermotherapy, kineziterapy and mechanoterapy. Radon thermal water also has a good impact even on healthy people, slows the aging process and raises the overall resistance of the organism.

  • 2 restaurants, 300 seats each
  • Summer terrace restaurant
  • Meeting room
  • Aperitif bar
  • Shop
  • Indoor pool
  • Parking space



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