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Višegrad is located at the far east of Republika Srpska, in Bosnia and Hercegovina, 16 km form the border with Serbia, at 43° 47´ 7'' of the north latitude, i 19° 17´ 35'' of the east longitude.

Višegrad Municipality covers the area of 448 km², with the average altitude of 324 m.

According to the estimate, Višegrad municipality has 13.500 inhabitants, of which the city itself has some 8.000.

Višegrad is located and exposed to the influence of the continental clime. There are four seasons, summers are long and warm (maximal temperature up to 40°C) and winters are cold (min. temperature reach under -15⁰C).

The traffic location

Since the Middle Ages Višegrad was important spot as a locality where the river Drina is crossed on the way to Dubrovnik-Sarajevo-Niš-Istanbul and a route for many traders coming from Dubrovnik.

Višegrad was always an important link between Serbia and Bosnia, and these days there is a magistral road that connects Belgrade-Čačak-Užice-Sarajevo. Višegrad is also in the mid-way on the shortest road from Belgrade to Herceg Novi, and the road from Belgrade to Dubrovnik.

Until year 1970 the narrow gauge was passing through the place connecting Belgrade-Sarajevo. Only for the tourist purpore one part of it was reconstructed in the place called Šargan, the famous „Šarganska osmica“ between Mokra Gora and Kreman , in Serbia, and works are still ongoing on the reconstruction of the railway from Mokra Gora to Višegrad.


The Tourist Location

Before the period of the destabilization of the ex-Yugoslavia Višegrad was located on heavy frequent road in direction of Duborvnik, that was used by many tourists from Serbia and other wider areas to travel to Dubrovnik and the Adriatics. Keeping in mind this fact, Višegrad was attractive transit and tourist place. With the start of wars in this area at 1992 this direction of transit almost completely lost its role. During last couple of years tourists started again to use this direction, but in rather insignificant numbers.

With the construction of its tourist railway, Višegrad will again become more noticable, in particular because of "Šarganska osmica" which is already visited by large number of tourists.

The river Drina also offers the prospects of touristic development, as Višegrad is located in the position towards Drina, as foreign travel agencies said before.


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