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Višegrad Municipality is recognizable with its rich selection of plants and animals. Approximately 65 % of total territory is under forests and forest land. Starting from the lowest zone, you will find forests of alder and willows, and with the raise of altitude there is sessile oak, monazite and malt, yellow and dark pine trees, and the highest zone grows firs, spruce firs and common beech.


The area of Visegrad Municipality is widely known as endemic center in development, and the center for variety of tercial flora and fauna.

There are some outstanding protected endemic plants:

Pančićeva OmorikaPancic Spruce (Picea omorika)


According to many experts it is the most beautiful european species of all larchs. It represents the unique endemic species of the Balkan Peninsula and its natural habitat is in Veliki Stolac ( 1540 meters of altitude) in the territory of Višegrad, and Mitrovac at Tara. It grows in the downhill and rigid rocks of the northern area. It can be described with narrow-pyramid deck, with low positioned branches that go in diameter some 3-5м, and peel is of red to brown color. It grows up to 30-35м the total diameter of the deck of some 45-50 cm.




Vilina vlas (Adiantum capillus veneris)

This specifics species of the fern grows in the Višegrad spa. The name was given as such because of fiber textured and long leafs. The fern grows in its natural habitat near the thermal waters.


Vilina vlas

In the pastures around Višegrad, many healthy plants grow, such as: basil, plantain, nettle, chamomile, yarrow, cantarion, dandelion and others.

The area is also populated by various big and small wild game species, such as: wild pig, doe, fox, rabbit, etc.


There are two registered hunting areas in the Visegrad area:


Hunting area „Panos“(38 488ha) and
Hunting area „Kamenica“(3 842ha).

The hunting area called „Каmenica“ is in particular important as habitat for rare species „Kamenica“ where chamois grow, which is here seen as autonomous spaces, and than hunting area „Panos“ is a habitat for very rare eagles. Hunting areas are managed by the hunting association „Panos“ from Višegrad.


Numbers of wild animals in hunting areas



Hunting area



Wild animals under permanent protection

Eagles (Aquilae)



Protected wild animals

Doe (Capreolus Capreolus)



Dark Bear (Ursus Arctos)



Chamois (Rupicapra)



Rabbit (Lepus europaeus)



Ljestarka (Tetrastes bonasie)



Not protected wild animals

Wild pig (Sus scrofa)



Fox (Vulpes Vulpes)



Wolf (Lupus canis)



(Source: Panos Management of Forests)


The river Drina is rich with many fish varieties (app. 30species) such as mladica, trout, catfish, skobalj, klijen, mrena and others.





The most famous fish of Drina River is the famous Mladica. It is protected species that was almost wiped out by the construction of dam at Drina River in Višegrad. It is natural habitat for this fish. Otherwise, this fish belongs to the group of fish that grow in trout inhabited rivers, meaning it is sensitive to pollutions. Many hunters arrive with the desire to catch Mladica fish, which is considered to be the Queen of Drina River.




All fishing waters in Višegrad municipality are managed by the Association for the ecology, preservation, advancement and water use called „Drinska Jezera“, from Višegrad.



Given all this, conditions are very favorable for the hunting and fishing fans, and they will be able to fully satisfy their wishes in the area, no matter if they are beginners or professionals.



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