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Drina river cruise

Have you ever wondered when was the last time you expirienced the countryside, without noise, polluted air and concrete all around you. If you want to rest from all of it and enjoy a completely natural environment, listen to the gurgling of the river, breathe fresh air, eat organic hand made food and forget all your burdens. We would suggest having a one-day boat trip on the Drina River during your visit to Višegrad . The canyon itself is the second largest in Europe.
In the past, the canyon of the Drina was known for its large streams and whirlpools and old wooden rafts that sailed there. By the end of the 1960s the dam of the hydro electric power plant at Bajina Basta was constructed in Perucac, which turned this section of the Drina river into a peaceful lake 52 km in length. Instead of rafts, today you can enjoy a Drina river cruise in a tourist boat. Upstream from Visegrad you also have another Visegrad lake, made on the Drina at the end of 80s. This lake is a perfect spot for fishing and water sports as well.

The boat "Sonja"

The owners of this boat like to say that this is the most romantic boat on a whole Drina river. The boat is built in 2007, and it is a property of “Polaris” DOO Višegrad

Boat offers:

Cruising on lines:

Višegrad-outfall of a Žepa river (22 km )

Višegrad-Bajina Bašta (52 km )

Cruise includes a whole day excursion with organized outdoor lunch (homemade food and fresh fish from Drina River). Also, company “Polaris” DOO owns the ethno settlement “Stari brod”, which is located at the entrance of Drina River canyon, 17 km away from Višegrad. The camp is still under construction, and it can only be reached by the river. For the time being there is only the restaurant open with the purpose to host passengers from “Sonja” boat. Soon there will also be build bungalows for the accommodation of guests.
We also organizes short cruises for a school excursions and other organized groups near the Višegrad Bridge, fishing and hunting tours too.

Optimal size of a group: 25 passengers

Maximum size of a group: 40 passengers


+ 387 65 142 742 (serbian only)

+ 387 66 19 00 49 (serbian only)


Brod Sonja



The boat "Zelenika"

This boat is the pionir of post-war tourism in Višegrad, and was the first to continue the tradition of tourism in Drina canyon that was active during the 70s and 80s of the XX century. Boat was constructed in 2005, and the owner in the company “Interkon“ DOO Višegrad.

“Zelenika“ boat was working in cooperation with one tourist agency in Zlatibor, and guests staying in Zlatibor can during the season organise one-day tour to Visegrad and see Drina River.

There is a lunch organized for the passengers of “Zelenika“ boat in the nature, on a small island locate at the middle of Drina River, next to Žepa River outfall.

Optimal number of passengers: 40 passengers

Maximum number of passengers: 50 passengers

Contact: + 387 65 363 049(serbian only)


Brod Zelenika


The boat "Lotika"

This boat is owned by Andricgrad company. It is made in 2013 and it is the biggest tourist boat in Visegrad. Boat capacity is 65 passengers + crew.

Information and reservation: +387 66 982 795.


Брод Лотика

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