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Folklore ensemble "Bikavac"


Folklore ensemble „Bikavac“ was unformal founded in 2000. , and it was registered in 2003. It was founded by group of citizens with main goal to make better conditions for our activities. We are ambicious, responisble and ready for permanent improving. Our wish is to learn more about our own cultural heritage and about culture of a nearby countries.


Our ensemble has four sections: folk dance section, drama section, recitation section and music section. Ensemble has 150 active members, which are from different age groups (starting from five years old and above).


Folk dance section has three ensemblies:

  1. Ensemble A  14 years and above
  2. Ensemble B from 10 to 14 years old
  3. Ensemble C from 5 to 10 years old


All our choreographies are the work of a choreographer Dragan Nikolić from ensemble „14 oktobar“ from Kruševac.

 Choreographies are: „Ponišavlje“, „Šumadija“, „Makedonija“, „Leskovac“, „Vlaške igre“, „Bunjevke“, and „Banat“.


Highlights of our work:


  1. International folklore festival in Zvornik (Bosnia and Herzegovina), one first place and two third places
  2. International folklore festival in Loznica (Serbia),May 2007., best folk dance couple, best choreography (“Vlaške igre”) and best ensemble from diaspora
  3. International folklore festival in Višegrad, May 2006. first place
  4. Participation in TV show “Žikina šarenica”, on first programe of state television in Serbia
  5. Participation in making of music video spot about Republic of Srpska (For better Srpska)


          With goal to improve our knowledge and preserve our cultural tradition, we collaborate with many ensemblies:


Ensemble “Batajnica” from Batajnica (Serbia), Ensemble “Frula” from Loznica(Serbia), Ensemble “Vila” from Foča(Bosnia), Ensemble “Grozd” from Aleksandrovac(Serbia), Ensemble “Soko” from Dobrun(Bosnia) and Ensemble “14 oktobar” from Kruševac (Serbia).




Bikavac folklore ensemble

Užičkog korpusa 2

73 240 Višegrad

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: + 387 58 621 239

Mobile: + 387 65 536 382


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