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Advices for car drivers

The map below shows the entrance direction in the town as when arriving from Užice, up to bridge on the Drina. The street of Kralja Petra Prvog (King Peter the First) is closed for traffic from 17:00 to 24:00 hrs, and instead during this period is supposed to be used the street called Druge podrinske brigade.


Visegrad car map


Advices for bus drivers

The map shows the mandatory bus route in the town, pay good attention at the directions shown, in order to avoid unnecessary tickets to pay. Next to the bridge are located two bus parkings that are clearly marked.


The buses coming from the direction of Ustipraca have praking immediately at the entrance of the town next to the old bridge, and buses that come from Serbia can use parking in the town square, in front of the old bridge.


Visegrad bus map


The price for the cars is 0,5 KM (0,25 EUR) per hour  and 3,0 KM (1,5 EUR) per hour for buses.

Daily ticket is 5 KM (2,5 EUR) for cars and 15 KM (7,5 EUR) for buses.

The parking space is payable at electronic parking payment slots.


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